2019 Goals

And just like that, another year has come and gone! It feels like 2018 flew by, but maybe that’s just because it included a lot of big things. I assumed the team leader position for my grade level, I completed my most challenging year of teaching yet, and, most of all, we moved countries. Most of my 2018 goals centered around our big international move, and while I’m glad that our move is in the past, we’re still settling into our new lifestyle and home. Honestly, even though I still don’t feel completely settled, I’m glad that many of my goals for moving internationally are now in the past—they’ve been completed!

I’ve never shared the details of my goal setting with a large audience (or really anyone), but it’s something I want to do this year for two main reasons. For one, I think that sharing your goals with those around you can help you stay more accountable. I’m reading Gretchen Rubin’s book Better than Before and have been doing a lot of reflecting on how I’m most motivated to meet my goals and form desirable habits. I’m a bit of what she calls an “obliger,” I’m motivated by external accountability and obligations, but really struggle to stay internally motivated. What better accountability than posting goals for everyone to see? Second, I’m hopeful that it’ll encourage other teachers (hopefully you!) to set goals for yourself, both personally and professionally. It’s hard to know your destination if you never name it. When we make goals, we see where we want to be and can identify action steps to get there. As a big planner, this really resonates with me and I wouldn’t be surprised if goal setting theories and ideas also resonated with many other teachers. After all, what percentage of our week do we probably spend preparing and planning? Maybe don’t answer that question…

I have five big goals for 2019, each of which has a bunch of smaller goals or action steps associated with it. The five goals are…..

My 2019 Goals!

Why? As Kent and I get closer to 30, we are beginning to think of our financial assets in a different way. We’re still laser focused on getting rid of debt, but our motivation has shifted slightly. We still don’t want to be enslaved to our debt (after all, the Proverbs 22:7 says “the borrower is slave to the lender.”), but we’ve also begun to think of our finances in relation to how we’ll provide for a future family. We want to be able to take care of our family, to buy a home for future children and others to enjoy, and to set them up well to be able to meet the demands of life. 

How? Some mini-goals include…

  • Creating a Google Sheet to track progress! I’m motivated by visuals, so I’m hopeful seeing the progress will keep me motivated.
  • Set up automatic payments to student loans
  • Monthly spending meetings with Kent
  • Create list of finance books to read. My goal is to read 6 per year, so one every two months.
  • Miniature contentment challenge
  • Subscribe to Dave Ramsey podcast and listen to 1 episode per week. Kent and I are avid Dave Ramsey fans and listening to his podcast gets me really excited about getting rid of debt!
  • Unsubscribe from store emails
  • Sell big things in the US that we don’t plan on using again
  • No spending (daily goal)

At the end of the year, I’ll celebrate progress by going out to dinner with Kent to commemorate being debt free!

Why? This sounds pretty self-explanatory, but I think it’s really important! When I first think about this goal, my mind automatically goes to eating well and exercise; however, it’s more than that! It’s getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, and resting when I need to. It involves going to annual doctor appointments, finding a new dentist, and positive self-talk. I can be really negative about my body and unfortunately often equate this with self-worth. I want to change that.

How? Some mini-goals include…

  • Attend barre class 3 times per week
  • Create a 1/2 marathon training plan
  • Sign up for a 1/2 marathon
  • Wear Apple Watch regularly and close rings
  • Schedule weekly workouts on Sundays
  • Eat a vegetable for lunch
  • Track daily meals
  • Go on a walk after dinner
  • Sugar free/dessert free weeks
  • Create Donnell Family Meal Binder
  • Plant Nanny daily check-in
  • Positive self talk

At the end of the year, I’ll celebrate this goal by buying new workout clothes or an outfit that I love!

Why? This is one goal that always shows up annually on my Powersheets Goal Planner. I want my life to be centered on my faith, so it’s essential that I make that a core annual goal. I’m excited for this year because a large portion of this goal involves one of my closest friends! We’re going to be reading the Bible together using The Bible Recap, a podcast put out by D-group. We have a daily chronological reading, then we listen to a 5-10 minute podcast that unpacks what we just read for the day. I’m also excited for my weekly check-ins with Sarah. We lived together at UNC-Chapel Hill and would’ve done something like this as roommates, so it feels a bit like old times.

How? Some mini-goals include…

  • Read my Bible and listen to Bible Recap podcast daily
  • Weekly check-ins with Sarah
  • Create a Bible reading/worship playlist
  • Join a volunteer team at church
  • Memorize 1 Bible verse/month
  • Set up automatic giving for tithing
  • Pray
  • Gratitude journal
  • Bible before phone

At the end of the year, I’ll celebrate making progress by ordering a scripture art print for our home.

Why? I think as women we often feel as if we’re hesitant to take big steps in our career. I absolutely love teaching and would gladly do this job for the rest of my life; however, there are aspects I love about teaching that I can’t do as much of when I’m in the classroom. I love school (as in, being a student) and want to always keep learning. Starting this blog and beginning my TPT store have helped me continue learning. I still have a lot I still have to learn about content and resource creation, but I’m really enjoying the process and it makes me really excited for the upcoming school year (our school year starts in February). I’m also going to be attending a class at one of our local universities to learn Māori, the indigenous language in New Zealand. Learning it has become a bigger focus in primary schools recently. I’m hoping that by taking this course I’ll be better equipped to teach it to my kiddos!

How? Some mini-goals include:

  • Create a 2 week planning cycle.
  • Go through 40 Hour Teacher Workweek again.
  • Post weekly on Teaching with Endurance.
  • Take photos of classroom activities.
  • Take a class in Te Reo Maori at AUT.
  • Lok for teaching conferences/workshops to attend in New Zealand.
  • TpT Podcast
  • Weekly teaching reflection
  • Complete Understanding by Design planning document for unit 1 of math, reading and inquiry over summer holidays (right now!)

At the end of the year, I’ll celebrate progress by treating myself to a new font set or signing up for a teaching conference back in the States.

My sister and I overlooking Waihi beach on our road trip to Rotorua and Lake Taupo in October 2018.

Living across the globe from many of your closest friends and family can feel pretty isolating. Making the trip out to Aotearoa can be really expensive, so I don’t feel like I can bank on many visitsregardless how close I am with people! Luckily, I already had one visit from my sister and her boyfriend shortly after arriving in New Zealand and have another to look forward to in just a week (!!!). Most of this goal centers around loving those around me and far away well. I’m notoriously bad at thinking of things to gift people or buying cards to send at the last minute. Sometimes I even write cards and then neglect to send them! I’m hopeful that this goal will help me be more intentional with this. If they live close, this might mean inviting them over for dinner. If they live far, it might mean sending little gifts or cards to let them know I’m thinking of them.

How? Some mini-goals include…

  • Input birthdays from Facebook into planner
  • Buy a perpetual calendar
  • Schedule monthly prep days
  • Host people at our home once per month
  • Make a list of low-cost activities to do with others
  • Social media free weekends
  • Phone away when with other people (“Phone down, eyes up”)
  • Plan Skypes with friends and family in the USA
  • Respond to Facebook and text messages (anyone else notoriously bad at this?)
  • Create note home postcard to share good things with parents of my students
  • Find an organisation to join

At the end of the year, I’ll celebrate this goal by writing a letter to close friends telling them what I love about them.

I’m really excited for these goals and for what’s to come in 2019! Do you set goals for yourself? If so, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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