January 2019 Goals

I don’t know about you, but I find January both exciting and daunting. I love the idea of change for the better, whether it be starting a new way of eating, a new exercise plan, or forming new habits; however, this year I’ve realized that I have a big problem with sticking through things until the end, which is why I find January really daunting. It symbolizes a fresh start, but I have trouble believing that I’m capable of making lasting change. That’s a large part of why my word for 2019 (and focus for this blog) is “endurance.” The definition of endurance is, “the capacity to last or withstand wear and tear,” which is a quality I want to cultivate in my character. In other words, not give up when things get hard or when I simply just don’t want to do it! That was a hard realization, but in the weeks since I uncovered it in my Powersheets prep work I’ve found myself tapping into that realization when I’m faced with something I don’t want to do. That’s pretty empowering and motivating!

To help me meet my large annual goals, I have a “tending list” to help me focus my efforts on smaller steps each month. Each month is also broken down into monthly, weekly and daily goals. My January tending list is below. I’ll be sure to share my progress, along with my February goals, at the beginning of February. Each goal on my tending list feeds into a larger goal. As a reminder, my larger annual goals include: 

  • Create a legacy that endures
  • Love my body well
  • Cultivate faith
  • Be bold in my career
  • Hospitality

January 2019 Tending List

Monthly Goals

  • Create Google Doc for debt paydown.
  • Make list of 6 finance books to read in 2019 and schedule out when to read them.
  • Create a ½ marathon training plan.
  • Buy a binder for the Donnell Family Recipe Binder
  • Create New Years bookmarks
  • Add 5 paid products to Teachers Pay Teachers
  • Write 3 blog posts
  • Create a Bible/Worship playlist on Spotify
  • Buy and fill in perpetual calendar with important birthdays and anniversaries
  • Monthly celebrations preparations

Weekly Goals

  • Listen to 1 Dave Ramsey podcast
  • Check in with Sarah re: Bible Recap 
  • Sign up for barre classes
  • Make running plan

Daily Goal

  • Phone down, eyes up (<1 hour social media per day)
  • Bible & Bible Recap Podcast
  • Eat a vegetable for lunch

Do you have a word of the year? If so, what made you decide on that word of the year? Tell me in the comments below!

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