April Goals

As a teacher, I’m used to April signifying the “beginning of the end or school.” We’re beginning to prep for standardised testing, kids are getting antsy, and we’re all counting down the minutes until spring break. If that’s you right now, I know how you’re feeling. The exhaustion from working the last three months without a break is no joke. Know I’m cheering you on! You’ve got this!

Now that we’re in the Southern Hemisphere, April brings my favourite season: autumn! Even just yesterday I could smell that a neighbour was using their fireplace. The smell immediately reminded me of the year we lived in our little white house in rural North Carolina. We regularly used our wood burning stove to heat our house. and husband and I texted each other almost daily about a great “fall tree” we found, the kind where the leaves are vibrant orange or deep red. So, April… bring on the sweater weather, apple/pumpkin fall-themed desserts, and crisp mornings. I’m so ready for you!

I didn’t do a goals post in February or March… oops! But here are some big things I was able to cross of my Tending List:

  • Pay off student loans. From the beginning of January to the end of March we paid off over $7,000 USD of my student loans. It finally feels like we’re in the home stretch of paying everything off and I couldn’t be more thrilled!
  • Run an 8km. When my husband signed us up for Round the Bays, I said my goal was to finish the 8.4 km run in an hour; however, training didn’t go quite to plan and I mentally had scrapped that goal, resigned to the fact that I’d have to walk some. When the day of the run came not only did I run the entire time, but I also beat my goal of an hour! I kept telling myself “just one more km til you walk” or “just 3 more minutes” until I got to the 2 km to go sign… at that point, I knew I could make it!
  • Read the entire Bible in a 2019. Granted, I’m not done with this goal yet, but I’ve made a ton of progress! I’m almost a quarter of the way finished. I’m reading along with The Bible Recap podcast, which has been tremendously helpful in unpacking and explaining what I’ve read each day. Having a great accountability partner has helped too (looking at you, Sarah).
  • Make it through our School Camp! It was a tiring three days, but the kids loved it. I felt almost like I was a camp counsellor for a few days and it was really meaningful to be able to interact with my students in this way instead of with my teacher hat on.
Two of our kids dressed up as me and and my coworker for their activity group’s skit! Seeing those boys walk around in heels, lipstick, and dresses was hilarious!

On my calendar this month:

  • My trip to America! One of my dearest friends is getting married, so I’m journeying back home to be a bridesmaid. I’ll also get to see lots of friends and spend some quality time with my family. I’ll be gone for around two weeks.
  • My Mother-in-law and Father-in-law’s birthdays are this month, so we’ll have a few family lunches to celebrate!
  • An engagement party for one of my coworkers!

Things I’m loving right now:

  • Cooler fall temperatures (obviously)
  • How to Money podcast— Kent and I are currently following Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step plan, but we’ve also learned a lot from this podcast! Our favourite episodes include: Before You Buy a House (#65), Actually Buying a Home (#67), Front Loading the Sacrifice (#74), and How Much Do Kids Really Coast? (#75). While we won’t be navigating this for a while, I think Teaching Kids About Money (#61) could be a good one too!
  • My new Lorna Jane workout clothes. I had always just gotten my workout clothes from Old Navy, but have recently felt convicted that it’s okay to invest money in something you wear almost every day. I have been really surprised at the difference between my new athletic wear and what I had previously. There’s so much more support, durability, and I just feel better in it.

April Goals

  • Monthly celebration prep
  • No working while in America
  • Read 2 books (It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way & Where the Crawdads Sing are my current two)
  • Bake something for fun (my MIL’s birthday cake)
  • Pay off $5000 NZD in student loans
  • Set up automatic tithing at our church
  • Print 5 new recipes to try
  • Intentionally date Kent

What are your goals for the month of April? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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